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The Fall

Dearest Helena,

We were never meant to be. The moment your majesty met my gaze, I understood a mere commoner could never be a prince. Although I am thankful to have felt your touch even for a moment, men are meant to awake from dreams. Marry him and find your own measure of happiness.

Contemplating at the kingdom from the edge of this wall, the way down may not be as great. My heart already is irreparable, what more can this fall break?


Bones shatter, the heart stops, stories get lost, but love is eternal.

Remember me smiling.

Humpty Dumpty


The Visionary

He took another breath. Gazing out his window he can see the whole of the world. The colors vividly describe how the light touches each surface. His eyes move to capture the scenery in precise sharpness. He observes people living their lives in serene intricate ripples of chaos and order. Life exists in the smallest of details and in the biggest of pictures. The world never looked so beautiful, he thought. Someday he’ll join them. Someday he’ll win against this bed-ridden body of his. He leaned against his pillow with closed eyes. The world always looks so beautiful, he thought.


I’ve seen that ring once. I don’t understand what they’re so crazy about. Up there on horses and castles, calling us goblins. ‘Goblin’, hate that. Not my fault I look this way. Let’s see them spend centuries underground and have fair skin to show for it. Life’s hard enough as it is. Another thing, why has my side already been picked out for me? The way I look? They can’t seriously think we’re all evil. Typical people, assuming everyone opposing them is evil. I don’t think evil is as easy as who looks the part. I don’t even like Sauron.


I see a faint smiling face, flushed red and tired with droplets of sweat in every direction. I’m crying. I see a sleepy face in the dark and somehow it soothes my restlessness and lulls me back to dreaming. I see a worried face filled with concern as I’m burning up, trembling. I see a welcoming face when I come home from a long, tiresome day. I see a proud face, excited to hear stories of my travels. I see a stone with a name and two dates. I’m weeping. I see a familiar smiling face by the golden gates.


The world was ending, it was public knowledge. Ray knew that the only way to be saved was to flip burgers at a burger shack. It was hard work. Every night he would put in long hours, come home exhausted with fresh burns and bruises, and have very little money to show for it. He didn’t mind though. One day the devil came through the store’s doors. Some short minutes later, Ray quit his job. A couple of days passed and the world did end as promised. Only the people who flipped burgers in burger shacks were welcomed into heaven.

The Cautious Man

Once there was a cautious man. He secluded himself in an all-white house. All his stuff were white, his walls, even his clothes. All sharp surfaces in his house were muffled with white foam. His favorite food was white cereal from a white box with milk and sugar, in his white bowl. He always remembered his mother saying how clean white is, how safe. One day the cautious man felt a pain in his chest. Desperate, he chose to step outside. Right after, he fell on the sidewalk. Before he closed his eyes he saw a small flower. He smiled.


Everywhere we looked were fireflies. She passed by me and I had to glance at her hair as it shined. I always thought the night sky brought out the best in her. She held out her hand. I took it of course, scared that she might change her mind. She smiled the most beautiful smile. We ran through the field as if gliding. And when we stopped, we laid down on the moist grass and gazed at the star-filled sky. I turned to face her and then— I woke up. The accident was two months ago. I am all alone.